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WebGIS (Public)

New Esri based GIS Viewer.
(Compatible with Firefox and Chrome only)

Open Data Portal

Pinellas County's Open Data Portal. This self-service application allows near real-time public access to Pinellas County's Enterprise GIS data.

Zoning / Land Use Unincorporated Lookup

Pinellas County's Zoning / Land Use Unincorporated Lookup. This self-service application allows users to look up the zoning and land use information on county proprieties.

AIRS (Aerial Imagery)

Pinellas County's Aerial Imagery Viewer. This application contains historic and current aerial imagery for the County.

Crime Viewer

Crime Viewer allows users to view crime data reported by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office and other municipal police departments.

Storm Surge

Pinellas County Emergency Management's online tool for viewing potential storm surge levels for Pinellas County properties. This application depicts Hurricane Storm Surge and is NOT related to FEMA Flood Zones.

Know Your Zone

About Know Your Zone

The Know Your Zone application helps residents locate their Evacuation Zone, obtain the closest Hurricane Shelters, Special Needs Shelters, Accommodations, Police Department, Fire Department, and Jurisdiction.

Coyote Sightings

Locations of unverified coyote sightings in Pinellas County. Pinellas County Animal Services gathers these data for confirmation of coyote locations.

Manatee Sightings

Manatee sightings in Pinellas County waters are reported by the public through use of the Watch Line. These data are displayed on this interactive map.

Pavement Preservation Program

Interactive Pavement Preservation application that show County Pavement Preservation projects as well as MSTU (Municipal Services Taxing Unit) projects.

Parks Finder

The Pinellas County Parks & Recreation Finder application helps citizens locate and obtain information about parks and recreation facilities in their community.

Solid Waste/Recycle Sites

The Recycle Finder application helps citizens of Pinellas County locate a recycling facility and obtain information about the type of recycling available in their community.

My Neighborhood

The My Neighborhood applications provides citizens the ability to access information about Pinellas County Government Services

Flood Map Service Center

Up-to-date FEMA Flood Map Information. This application allows you to download DFIRM panels and check flood zone info.

MPO Construction Projects

Interactive viewer that provides access for citizen's to obtain construction projects information that is maintained and published by the Metropolitan Planning Organization.

911 Active Calls

Pinellas County 911 Active Call Viewer provides access to current 911 active call activity.

MPO Bikes and Trails

A primary objective behind the MPO's bicycle and pedestrian activities is to allow for bicycling and walking to be viable commuting alternatives in addition to being healthy recreational activities.

Tax Parcel Viewer

This application was designed for viewing property tax and assessment information that are maintained by the Pinellas County Property Appraiser's Office.

PAIRS (Historic Aerial Imagery)

Pinellas County's Historic Aerial Imagery Index. This website allows users to retrieve/download historic imagery.

presenting enterprise gis

map products

Planning Sector Map

Static map of Pinellas County Planning Sectors.

Unincorporated Areas and Municipalities

Static map of Pinellas County Municipality Boundaries (Feb 2014).

Pinellas County Greenways Brochure

Static map of Pinellas County Greenways (Recreational Areas).

Planning County Blueways

Static map of Pinellas County Blueways.

presenting enterprise gis


Open Data GIS Portal

Pinellas County Open Data GIS Portal. This site allows users to download, explore and connect to GIS data being managed by Pinellas County.

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